Holiday fair favorites 

  1. Olson's Natural Soups Creamy wild rice soup (10oz) 
    A quick and hearty mix of wild rice, cream and spices
  2. The Jerky Shoppe Meat Sticks (2 packs) 
    Maple and regular flavor meat snack sticks
  3. Fernie's Funnel Cakes Funnel Cake Mix (1.5 lb) 
    The signature mix Fernie's been frying for 50 years 
  4. Big Pop Gourmet Popcorn Popcorn and Kettle Corn (2 bags) 
    Kettle Corn and "The Mix" with plain, caramel and cheddar
  5. State Fair Mini Donuts Hot Cocoa (2 packs) 
    Sweet milk chocolate, marsh mellows and sprinkles 
  6. Nabisco Fried Oreos (1 dozen) 
    Coat with Fernie's Funnel Mix for a delicious fried snack
  7. Bonus! FREE Holly's Hobby Christmas Shop State Fair Ornament

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