Choose 5 of your favorites to include in this special box. Select from Sweet Martha's Cookies, Mini Donuts, Taffy, Pronto Pups, Cheese Curds, Funnel Cake. You may choose the same favorite for multiple items


Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies 

World-famous cookies from the sweetest lady at the Minnesota State Fair


State Fair Mini Donuts - Classic Mini Donuts (1 lb)
Classic favorite with cinnamon sugar, ready to fry or bake


State Fair Taffy - Sweet sensations of Cotton Candy, Red Licorice, Bubble Gum, and Buttered Popcorn will send your tastebuds on a trip down memory lane.


Pronto PupMake Your Own Pronto Pups (10)
Pronto Pup Company's signature mix, 10 hot dogs and skewers


Ellsworth Co-Op Creamery - Cheese Curds 
From the legendary co-op, ready to fry or bake


Fernie's Funnel Cakes Funnel Cake Mix - This queen of state fair desserts is crispy and crunchy, yet melts in your mouth. 




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