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  • How many people do State Fair To Go boxes serve?
    Boxes are designed to serve 6 people.
  • How are State Fair To Go boxes sent?
    We ship with FedEx and UPS. Perishable items are sent in thermal shippers on ice and will stay cool for up to 5 days. Overnight shipping is available to all 50 States.
  • After I order my State Fair To Go box, when will it be shipped?"
    You will recieve a confirmation when your order is recieved with an approximate ship date. When your order ships, you'll receive another email with a tracking number.
  • How does the food stay cold during shipping?
    Cold items are shipped on gel ice packs in an insulated container.
  • Product substitution questions
    We are a small food business. Like all food businesses, our supply chain is heavily impacted by Covid-19. We want to ship your order quickly. So we may from time to time and without notice substitute a product for a similar product from the same brand or supplier, with similar taste and nutritional properties.
  • Does my food arrive ready to eat?
    When your fair food box arrives, some items are ready to enjoy and some items are ready for you to make at home. Everything is simple and easy to cook and instructions are in the box.
  • How should I store my State Fair To Go foods? How long will they stay fresh?
    Perishable items including meats, cheeses and frozen foods, can usually be kept in the fridge for about a week, or stored in the freezer for up to a year. Dry items - powders, sugars, etc. - should be kept in your dry pantry.
  • Can I send State Fair To Go boxes to multiple locations?
    State Fair To Go makes a great gift! Email us to send boxes to multiple locations on the same order. You can reach us at "".
  • Are there State Fair To Go boxes for special diets?
    State Fair To Go includes a variety of food items that could potentially contain an allergen. Ingredients are stored in our facility segregated by packaging that results in protection from cross-contact. This protection is as rigorous as the handling, storage, and display segregation achieved in typical retail establishments (supermarkets, etc.). Most ingredients pass through our facility to the customer sealed in the packages they were received in. However, we do not yet offer the option to tailor your plan for specific allergies.
  • Approximately how long does it take to prep all food items in the Signature and Blue Ribbon box?
    The Blue Ribbon Box is filled with foods that are ready to eat. The funnel cakes and fried Oreos can be prepared in 20 minutes. The Signature Box is designed like a meal kit. It takes about an hour to prepare.
  • Are State Fair to Go boxes sold year-round?
  • Can I purchase your boxes at my state fair?
    For now, State Fair To Go boxes are sold exclusively online at
  • Can I cancel or make changes to my order?
    Sure. Please email us at "" and we'll be happy to help.
  • Do you ship to all fifty states?
    Yes we do!
  • I have a question that is not addressed above - can you please connect me with customer support?
    Please email us at "" and we'll be in touch soon!
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